Florida 2012: Film D

My family’s holiday to Florida in July 2012. Along with my 20D and compact camera, I also brought the Konica C35v with ten rolls of film. The fourth film I exposed is the infamous Velvia 50. I’ve cross processed this film before, but this is the first time I’ve had a slide processed normally.

I sent this film to Jessops for processing and mounting. Compared to other companies, this was cheap at £6.60 (inc. postage). The mailer envelope was c**p though, as it literally fell apart when I closed it. Next time I’ll just cycle down to Jessops and save £2.20 on postage.

Most of the slides were warmer than they should’ve been (e.g. purple skies). I’m guessing this is down to the film being outdated or possibly damaged by heat or x-ray at some point. Still, I’ve gotten images from 20 year old C41 chemicals, so I’ve gotten images from this.

Slides were scanned at 3600dpi and Photoshop work was minimal.

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