Florida 2012: Digital Photographs Part 2

Attention! This is a long post with many photographs. You may have to wait for all the pictures to download. In fact, this post has so many pictures I have decided to split it into three posts. If you are reading this, the first post has been uploaded and you should probably look at it if you haven’t already. Link is below.

Day 9 - We left Miami and headed to the Keys, stopping at the “Robert is Here” fruit stand. While on Key Lago, we went on a glass-bottom boat tour to the nearby coral reefs, which was pretty interesting.

_MG_8433 _MG_8421
_MG_8457 _MG_8450
IMGP0041 IMGP0029

After that, we went to our luxurious hotel room, on Grassy Key, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and I took some photos of lightning without a tripod or cable release.

_MG_8487 _MG_8483
_MG_8485 _MG_8489
_MG_8484 _MG_8486

Day 10 - We went to Key West.

_MG_8520 _MG_8518
_MG_8523 _MG_8522
_MG_8557 _MG_8540
_MG_8526 _MG_8539
_MG_8568 Highway-1---Mile-Marker-0
Tropical-Picture-House _MG_8641
_MG_8573 _MG_8606
The-Classic-American-Diner Shorty's

More interestingly on the way back, we encountered one of the many abandoned bridges which was the former Highway 1.

Former-US-Highway-1---2 Former-US-Highway-1
Former-US-Highway-1---4 Former-US-Highway-1---3
_MG_8705 White-Ibis-Family

Day 11 - We went to “Robbie’s pier” where you can buy a bucket of fish to feed the tarpon, a large species of fish.

Feeding-the-Tarpon---Unwanted-Guests-2 Feeding-the-Tarpon---Unwanted-Guests
Feeding-the-Tarpon-2 Feeding-the-Tarpon

This was pretty fun. We also visited another abandoned bridge, a hurricane memorial and watched the wildlife from a jetty at out hotel.

_MG_8858 _MG_8889
_MG_8882 Former-US-Highway-1---5
Iguana Iguana-2
_MG_8998 _MG_9065

We went back out for dinner and to watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

_MG_9145 _MG_9163
_MG_9164 _MG_9165
_MG_9181 _MG_9182
_MG_9216 _MG_9262
_MG_9251 _MG_9240
_MG_9233 _MG_9221

And after that I went to take some more pictures at night without a tripod or cable release.

_MG_9277 _MG_9288