Florida 2012: Digital Photographs Part 1

Attention! This is a long post with many photographs. You may have to wait for all the pictures to download. In fact, this post has so many pictures I have decided to split it into two three posts. The second post will be uploaded within the next few days. Watch this space or subscribe by email, RSS or Google Friend Connect.

My family’s holiday to Florida in July 2012. Along with my 20D and compact camera, I also brought the Konica C35v with ten rolls of film. I exposed five of them and they will appear in subsequent blog posts. Subscribe by email, RSS or Google friend connect to see them as soon as they’re uploaded.

We had a 10 hour flight from London Gatwick to Orlando International. We then hired a comfy SUV and drove to a prebooked holiday villa just outside Kissimmee. We spent the first week or so there, visiting the Disney and Universal theme parks. To the theme parks, I brought my compact camera and the Konica C35v. I don’t really take photos at theme parks, but I did take a few.

Day 1 - We went to Epcot.

Epcot-Chinatown-3 Epcot-Chinatown-4
Epcot-Chinatown Epcot-Chinatown-2
Epcot-Refreshments Icon-of-Epcot

Day 2 - We went to Universal Islands of Adventure, no digital pictures here.

Day 3 - We went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Day 4 - We went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, not a lot of pictures here either. The picture of the heron was actually taken in the villa complex.

Florida-Flowers Great-Blue-Heron

Day 5 - We went to the Universal Studios park.

Day 6 - We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios (MGM). That evening we went to Old Town Kissimmee, which was pretty fun.

Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-3 Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements
Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-5 Kissimmee-Cruisers
Kissimmee-Cruisers-2 Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-2
Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-6 Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-4
Kissimmee-Cruisers-4 Kissimmee-Cruisers-8
Kissimmee-Cruisers-6 Kissimmee-Cruisers-7
Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-8 Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-11
Neons-of-Florida-3 Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-7
Neons-of-Florida-2 Neons-of-Florida
Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-9 Kissimmee-Old-Town-Amusements-10

Day 7 - We left our holiday villa and drove down to a prebooked hotel on Miami Beach.

Shadows-of-Miami-2 Shadows-of-Miami
Shadows-of-Miami-4 Shadows-of-Miami-3
Shadows-of-Miami-6 Shadows-of-Miami-5
Shadows-of-Miami-10 Shadows-of-Miami-9
Shadows-of-Miami-7 Shadows-of-Miami-8

Day 8 - We took a horrible, packed commuter bus to South Beach and then walked east to Ocean Drive where the Art Deco buildings were.

Art-Deco-Miami---Park-Central-Hotel Art-Deco-Miami---Breakwater-Hotel
Art-Deco-Miami---Johnny-Rocket Art-Deco-Miami---Avalon-Hotel
Art-Deco-Miami-2 Art-Deco-Miami---Ocean's-Ten
Art-Deco-Miami---Boulevard-Hotel-2 Art-Deco-Miami
Art-Deco-Miami---Colony-Hotel Art-Deco-Miami---Leslie
Art-Deco-Miami---The-Carlyle Art-Deco-Miami---Boulevard-Hotel
_MG_8391 _MG_8382
Miami-Beach---30th-Street Miami-Beach---41st-Street Miami-Beach---35th-Street

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