The recent hot weather towards the end of May has been beneficial for cross processing, having shot two rolls in the space of two days. The second of which was an expired roll of Fuji Velvia 50 which I ran through my Konica C35V.
Cross processing (sometimes abbreviated to X-pro) is the procedure of deliberately processing film in chemicals intended for a different type of film. The two main methods of cross processing involve developing a slide film in C41, or colour negative film in E6. The result is an unpredictable range of colours, and is often used by Lomographers.
Looking for cheaper, more convenient C41 processing, I decided to purchase the 1L Tetenal C41 kit from AG Photographic, which I could run through my Jobo Autolab 1000. Not only is this option cheaper and more convenient, there is no ‘technician’ to argue with, and the film is somewhat better quality. The only disadvantage is that you do not get a free roll of Fujicolour C200. The negatives were scanned with a Plustek Opticfilm 7400 at 3600dpi. Photoshop work was minimal, consisting of curves, colour adjustments and spot removal.
Burton-Waters-Marina-17---XPRO Burton-Waters-Marina-18---XPRO
Burton-Waters-Marina-14---XPRO Burton-Waters-Marina-15---XPRO
Burton-Waters-Marina-16---XPRO Burton-Waters-Marina-13---XPRO
Burton-Waters-Marina-20---XPRO Construction-at-Burton-Waters-5---XPRO
Training-Hall---XPRO Summer-Fields-9---XPRO
Summer-Fields-8---XPRO Summer-Barley-5---XPRO
Nettleham-Enterprise-Park-2---XPRO Nettleham-Enterprise-Park---XPRO
Summer-Fields-11---XPRO Summer-Cycle-Path---XPRO