Redscale 1

Redscaling is a term used to describe colour film which has been physically reversed so the light passes through the backing before the emulsion. There are different techniques for redscaling 35mm film, but I did it with a reloadable cassette to avoid waste.

Redscaled Fujicolour C200 exposed at ISO 50. Home C41 developed at scanned with a Plustek OpticFilm 7400 at 3600dpi. Photoshop work consisted of dust removal and contrast corrections.

Redscale-1-02 Redscale-1-03
Redscale-1-04 Redscale-1-05
Redscale-1-14 Redscale-1-07
Redscale-1-16 Redscale-1-18
Redscale-1-08 Redscale-1-11


Redscale-1-15 Redscale-1-20a
Redscale-1-25a Redscale-1-22a
Redscale-1-23a Redscale-1-26a


Redscale-1-27a Redscale-1-29
Redscale-1-33 Redscale-1-35
Redscale-1-34 Redscale-1-32