Film 28

Kodak Technical PAN is a slow speed black and white film, designed for technical applications. Technical PAN was very popular among photographers and astronomers because it was capable of recording extremely fine detail and its extended red sensitivity. Kodak stopped selling the film in 2004.

The following images were taken on a brief visit to Burton Waters, near Lincoln. Photographed with a Canon EOS 600 with a 28-135mm lens. They were developed using Paterson FX-39, diluted to 1+19 for 8:52 at 24°, using a Jobo Autolab 1000.

Construction-at-Burton-Waters-4 Construction-at-Burton-Waters-2
Construction-at-Burton-Waters-3 Construction-at-Burton-Waters
Burton-Waters-Marina-8 Burton-Waters-Marina-9
Burton-Waters-Marina-6 Burton-Waters-Marina-7
Burton-Waters-Marina-5 Burton-Waters-Marina-10
Burton-Waters-Marina-12 Burton-Waters-Marina-2
Burton-Waters-Marina-4 Burton-Waters-Marina