Film 24: Ilford FP4 and Caffenol

After finishing the gigabitfilm (see previous post) during the 10K on Sunday, l loaded a roll of Ilford FP4 into the Konica C35v. As it was only a 12exp. Roll, I had intentions not to waste ID11, but try Caffenol for the first time.

Caffenol is a homemade developer, usually made from Coffee, washing soda and vitamin C. There are many different variations, some to individual films. For this film, I used 4 tsp of coffee, 2.5 tsp of washing soda and 1g of ascorbic acid powder before topping it up to 300ml with water.

After brewing for two minutes, I poured it in and developed for 4:11 minutes at 33°. They were then scanned using a Plustek OpticFilm 7400.

Lincoln-10K-2012-14---Caffenol Preparing-for-the-Race-7---Caffenol
Lincoln-10K-2012-16---Caffenol Lincoln-10K-2012-15---Caffenol
Lincoln-10K-2012-19---Caffenol Lincoln-10K-2012-20---Caffenol