Film 23: Gigabitfilm

A roll of gigabit film I shot between 18th March and the 25th March using a Konica C35v. The Konica C35v is a zone focus 35mm viewfinder camera, though it looks similar to a rangefinder. It is fully automatic and features a 38mm f/2.8 lens. This camera, manufactured in 1974 should use mercury 1.35v cell batteries. With a modern 1.5v battery of equivalent size, the meter is ⅔ stop too high. This was easily corrected using the meter adjustment.

The gigabitfilm is extremely sharp and grain free at ISO 40. The film was developed in the supplied chemistry for 8 minutes at 26° and fixing took only 30 seconds. They were then scanned with a Plustek OpticFilm 7400 at 3600dpi. Photoshop work was minimal, consisting of spot removal and curves.

Spring-Fields Riseholme-Campus-9
Spring-Fields-3 Spring-Fields-2
Horses-at-Riseholme-5 Horses-at-Riseholme-6
Horses-at-Riseholme-2 Horses-at-Riseholme-3


Asphalt-Depot-23 Asphalt-Depot-22
Preparing-for-the-Race-3 Preparing-for-the-Race-2
Preparing-for-the-Race-6 Preparing-for-the-Race-4