XPRO2 - Kodak Elite Chrome 100

Cross processing (sometimes abbreviated to X-pro) is the procedure of deliberately processing film in a chemicals intended for a different type of film. The two main methods of cross processing involve developing a slide film in C41, or colour negative film in E6. The result is an unpredictable range of colours, and is often used by Lomographers.

These images were taken on my granddad’s old Kodak Retinette IB, a 35mm viewfinder camera which was made between 1963 - 1966. The camera is in near-mint condition, so I ran another film through it - this time Kodak Elite Chrome 100. Most of these images were taken during my half-term trip to North Devon with my uncle before being cross-processed at a nearby photo lab. The negatives were then scanned with a Plustek 7400 at 3600dpi.


Snowy-Trees-2---XPRO Snowy-Trees---XPRO
Icicles-6---XPRO Country-Roads---XPRO
Snowy-Fields-6---XPRO Snowy-Fields-5---XPRO
Bude-Car-Park---XPRO Bude-Car-Park-2---XPRO
House-on-the-Rock---XPRO Bude-Sea-Pool-7---XPRO
Grass-Field---XPRO Bude-Sea-Pool-8---XPRO
Coastal-Cliffs-13---XPRO Coastal-Rocks-41---XPRO
Coastal-Rocks-40---XPRO Coastal-Rocks-39---XPRO