Out & About: February Half-Term

We first went to Bude, where my uncle taught me how to analyse the surroundings of the coastal area for when, where and how fast the tide will advance/recede - useful for picture and route planning.

We began working on the beach north of the tidal pool. As the tide advanced inland, we headed up onto the pool wall, waiting to see whether the sea would rise above it - unfortunately it didn’t.

After lunch, we drove north to Hartland Quay, which has higher cliffs and larger rocks. Once finished there, we headed to Welcombe Mouth, taking photos before the light went.

Coastal-Rocks Bude-Sea-Pool
Coastal-Rocks-4 Coastal-Rocks-2
Coastal-Rocks-5 Coastal-Rocks-9
Coastal-Rocks-13 Coastal-Rocks-10
Coastal-Rocks-14 Room-with-a-View
Coastal-Rocks-12 Coastal-Rocks-6



Coastal-Waterfall Coastal-Waterfall-2
Coastal-Waterfall-3 Coastal-Waterfall-4


The next day we visited Sandymouth Bay, which had a couple of waterfalls and small cliffs. As the tide came in, we decided it best to leave and visit Northcott Beach. Afterwards, we chose to return to Bude, however the sea still did not clear the wall.

After lunch, we visited Duckpool. As the tide slowly retreated, I climbed the steep public footpath where the nearby radio monitoring station became visible. I came down, negotiated the river and began taking photos.

Afterwards, we returned to Sandymouth Bay. The sun had intensified, shining golden light on the rocks. We stayed there until sundown.

Coastal-Rocks-17 Coastal-Rocks-18
Coastal-Rocks-22 Coastal-Rocks-19
Coastal-Rocks-23 Coastal-Footpath
Coastal-Rocks-29 Coastal-Rocks-21
Coastal-Cliffs-2 Coastal-Rocks-25
Coastal-Rocks-27 Coastal-Rocks-16
Coastal-Rocks-3 Coastal-Rocks-15
Coastal-Cliffs Room-with-a-View-2
Coastal-Waterfall-5 Coastal-Rocks-28




Sand-Pools-at-Sunset Sand-Pools-at-Sunset-3
Sand-Pools-at-Sunset-4 Sand-Pools-at-Sunset-5
Sand-Pools-at-Sunset-8 Sand-Pools-at-Sunset-6
Sand-Pools-at-Sunset-7 Sand-Pools-at-Sunset-2