Out & About: 23rd August 2011

I went out again with the large format Toyo-Field 45A. This time I used fresh film, which had not deteriorated like the previous occasion.

The Toyo-Field 45A is a large format bellows camera which features interchangeable backs and lenses. The bellows give a high degree of movement, which can be used as a tilt-shift lens.

Toyo Field 45A with 150mm and 90mm lenses (35mm equiv. 45mm and 28mm). Ilford FP4+ (4×5 sheet format). Developed in Paterson FX-39 at 1+14 for 12 minutes. Scanned by an Epson Perfection 2450 at 1200dpi.


1/15 @ f/32 with 90mm lens.


40 seconds @ f/32 with 90mm lens.


4 seconds @ f/8 with 150mm lens.


1 second @ f/5.6 with 150mm lens.


1/30 @ f/32 with 150mm lens.


1/50 @ f/5.6 with 150mm lens.