Lees’ Afloat 2011

Our summer holiday on Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas between 29th July - 10th August.

Day 1  |  We loaded our car with our luggage and departed just before 9am. After a 3 hour car journey we arrived in Harwich, checked-in and boarded our ship.

Harwich-Docks Ferry-Ramp
Construction-at-Sea-2 Construction-at-Sea

Day 2  |  This was our first day at sea, where I spent the day exploring the ship.


Day 3  |  Our ship docked into Copenhagen early morning and we disembarked soon after. We walked along the seafront, past the Little Mermaid and Amalienborg Places. We also walked down shopping streets and around Tivoli Gardens. Afterwards we visited Rundetårn, the 17th Century round tower built by Christian IV of Denmark. Afterwards we walked back to the vessel.

Jewel-of-the-Seas-in-Copenhagen The-Boat
At-the-Cafe-7 Copenhagen-Elephants
In-the-Rundetårn-(Round-Tower) Smoky-Start
_MG_9055 Sunlounger-Sunset-2
At-the-Cafe-8 On-the-Balcony



Day 4  |  This was the second day at sea.

Day 5  |  The ship docked into the Swedish capital of Stockholm, and our tour left promptly. We left the mainland and our first stop was on the southern island and we went on SkyView, a gondola lift built on the side of the Ericson Globe. Afterwards we continued the tour, and stopped in many places for photographs. At the end of the tour, we decided to roam the high street and the old town. We took the shuttle bus back to the vessel, which left at 1700. We sailed past many summer houses and fishing shacks before dinner. Afterwards we were in the archipelago.

Royal-Sweedish-Opera-House IMG_9245
The-Bikes-7 The-Bikes-8
_MG_9297 Specialchark
Storage-Vats On-Deck
Barriers _MG_9290
Putting-Green Sunlounger-Sunset-3
Jewel-of-the-Seas---Nuts-&-Bolts On-the-Helipad

Day 6  |  The next day we were in the Finnish capital of Helsinki. Once on the coach, we left the docks and went into the city centre. Our first stop was in Senate Square, with the famous white cathedral. Afterwards, we continued the tour and our next stop was to visit the Sibelius Monument, which honours the Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius. The next stop was at the track and field stadium for the 1952 Olympics. The tour ended quickly, where we left and explored the high street, market square and Tähtitorninmäki park.

Helsinki-Lutheran-Cathedral Helsinki-Lutheran-Cathedral-2
Helsinki-Lutheran-Cathedral-4 The-Sibelius-Monument
Helsinki-Lutheran-Cathedral-3 The-Sibelius-Monument-2
The-Sibelius-Monument-3 The-Sibelius-Monument-4
Helsinki-Olympics-Stadium At-the-Grill

Day 7  |  We arrived in St. Petersburg early morning, and had two excursions booked for that day. Our coach left the enclosure and our first stop was at St. Issac's Cathedral, where many coaches had arrived already. We stopped again at the Cruiser Aurora, and old Russian battleship, most famed for signalling the start of the October Revolution in 1917. The next stop was at the Church on Spilled Blood, were Tsar Alexander II was assassinated. In the evening we had our second excursion, in which a boat took us through canals of the city.

St-Issac's-Cathedral-2---St-Petersburg Church-on-Spilled-Blood-2
Battleship-Guns St-Issac's-Cathedral---St-Petersburg
Church-on-Spilled-Blood-3 Church-on-Spilled-Blood

Day 8  |  This was our second day in the former Russian capital, and our first excursion was a tour of the Church on Spilled Blood. When we entered, we saw the mosaics covering virtually all the walls and ceilings. We returned back at the cruise terminal, where we boarded our next excursion to Peterhof. When we arrived, we walked through the upper gardens, before entering the lower gardens, with the grand cascade and statues adorned with gold leaf. We took a hydrofoil to return to the ship.

Church-on-Spilled-Blood---Interior-4 Church-on-Spilled-Blood---Interior-2
Church-on-Spilled-Blood---Interior-5 Church-on-Spilled-Blood---Interior-3


Padlock-Bridge-2 Padlock-Bridge


Peterhof Peterhof-2
Peterhof-6 Peterhof-3
Peterhof-7 Peterhof-8
Peterhof-5 Peterhof-4

Day 9  |  Tallinn was our next port of call. We walked a couple of miles into the old town and market square. We walked up hill and purchased some local crafts before returning to the ship. On the way, we discovered the Regatta Complex for the 1980 Moscow Olympic games.

Beams Ash-Tray
Tallinn-Taxis Estonian-Girl
Typical-McDonald-Customers McDonald-Employees-at-Work
Estonian-Paintings Estonian-Busker


1980-Regatta-Complex 1980-Regatta-Complex-4
1980-Regatta-Complex-8 1980-Regatta-Complex-7
1980-Regatta-Complex-2 1980-Regatta-Complex-3
1980-Regatta-Complex-9 1980-Regatta-Complex-11
1980-Regatta-Complex-10 1980-Regatta-Complex-5


Day 10  |  This was our third day at sea.


Day 11  |  Our ship arrived at the second-largest city of Sweden, Gothenburg. The tour stopped only twice throughout. The bus then took us to the Volvo museum. A marching band was playing as we were leaving.

At-the-Fish-Market At-the-Fish-Market-2
On-the-Piano At-the-Fish-Market-3
The-Wet-Court-2 The-Wet-Court

Day 12  |  This was a final day at sea.