France 2014

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Photos taken during a holiday with my uncle and aunt. Arrived at Caen via ferry from Portsmouth where we drove south via Angers. Stopped in the town of Fouras for a week before travelling north via Saint-Nazaire and Cancale.

Digital Images (Not ordered chronologically)


_MG_6892 _MG_6915




_MG_6931 _MG_6934


_MG_7003 _MG_7020
_MG_7096 _MG_7113
_MG_7031 _MG_7044
_MG_7051 _MG_7075
_MG_7058 _MG_7575
_MG_7523 _MG_7084


_MG_7210 _MG_7231
_MG_7220 _MG_7198
_MG_7225 _MG_7223
_MG_7701 _MG_7704
_MG_7319 _MG_7281



























_MG_7389 _MG_7630
_MG_7645 _MG_7612


IMG_5461 IMG_5462
IMG_5474 IMG_5473


IMG_5468 IMG_5470
IMG_5481 IMG_5522


IMG_5487 IMG_5488
IMG_5494 IMG_5512


IMG_5551 IMG_5529
IMG_5561 IMG_5567


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